- Live Storm chasing for european countries

      Hello there !

      I am the owner of the website and i want to inform you that we have create a German version for you !!!

      Our system offers you the possibility to stream your chases live for free with your personnal computer or smartphone. When you are going live, users are informed by mail, twitter, and your personal player is accessible throught the homepage in the seconds after the begining of your live.

      You must use one of theses smartphone app : Bambuser or Ustream to be compatible with our system.

      Your lives can be archived to be re-viewed after your chase is finish. And other user can search it through this page :

      The system exists since 2012 and is more and more efficient.

      If you want to know more about our system you can click here :

      I hope to see some of you (German Storm chasers) in live in the next weeks.

      If you have any questions of suggestions, do not hesitate to ask me.

      Best Regards


      PS : The translation of the website in German can be aproximative and not complete today, if you have suggestions about this, contact me, i need help to finish the translation :) . Thank you very much. :thumbsup: